Kindle Fire pre-orders 'leaked' at 254,074 in first five days

Kindle Fire pre-orders 'leaked' at 254,074 in first five days
There seem to be plenty of opinions about Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire, both from a consumer and a developer perspective.

Until it launches in the US on 15 November, however, the former remains a moot point, but that hasn't stopped the speculation rising.

Most interesting have been rumours about the pre-orders numbers.

Pick a number...

Obviously, nothing's been officially announced; Amazon has never released any hardware sales figures for any Kindle hardware.

Still, that didn't stop online competitive intelligence outfit eDataSource guestimating 95,000 pre-orders on day 1.

Meanwhile, Cult of Android has been somewhat more speculative, claiming access to Amazon's internal sales tracking system, with 254,074 pre-orders in the first five days.

For what it's worth, this would beat iPad and iPad 2 pre-orders, although they are notably more expensive devices, starting at $499.

[source: MocoNews]

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