Kwalee offers 'app polishing' service to spruce up rivals' flagging releases

Startup also looking to take on new staff

Kwalee offers 'app polishing' service to spruce up rivals' flagging releases
In startup Kwalee's opinion, scores of mobile apps fail because they lack a level of polish – an area the firm claims it specialises in.

Kwalee – which was set up by Codemasters' co-founder David Darling – is offering a service dedicated to lifting failing apps up the charts, talking with the studios behind them to help turn them into commercial successes.

Indeed, the firm also claims, in some cases, it will go as far as to employ those behind the apps in question, bringing them into the rapidly expanding Kwalee family.

A second chance

"It is fundamentally unfair for someone to put lots of work into creating a great app only for it to fail because just one area of the offering is deficient," said CEO Darling.

"With highly experienced publishing skills Kwalee is in a position to come up with a wide variety of different fixes and polishing."

Kwalee CMO Bruce Everiss added that many first-time developers underestimate the level of polish the average app requires to be a success.

Whole areas of the mobile business, he claims, are overlooked.

Marketing to success

"Many people think that there is a low cost to entry to the app market, an individual can create one in their spare time at home and there is no significant charge for it to be published," said Everiss.

"However to do the job properly and get results in the market a wide range of skills and considerable investment are almost always required. Marketing has become perhaps the key differentiator between success and failure."

More details on Kwalee's new venture can be found on the firm's website.

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