Cross promotion game service Chartboost closes $2 million funding round

Former Tapulous team says it's already profitable

Cross promotion game service Chartboost closes $2 million funding round
Set up by ex-members of Tapulous, cross promotion platform Chartboost has announced it's raised $2 million through a Series A round of funding.

Funders included TransLink Capital, SK Telecom Ventures and former Tapulous investor XG Ventures.

Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre highlighted the new funds would be spent on expanding Chartboost's scale and to reach more publishers, though she points out that the company is already profitable.

Link, and link alike

Chartboost is a provider of an ad-serving technology that enables developers and publisher to select the ads running in their products through a dedicated marketplace; also letting them spend resources to drive downloads of their games through the network. 

Current clients include TinyCo, Storm8, Pocket Gems, Gameview Studios, The Playforge, Funzio, OMGPOP, Com2us, Fluik Entertainment and Sunstorm Interactive.

"We have a platform for users to monetise and replicate their success: monetise with direct deals when you are in the ranks and replicate by doing internal cross-promotion in the most effective way," said Alegre when we spoke to her earlier in October 2011.

"With our platform, publishers always maintain 100 percent control."

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