Amazon to sell 5 million Kindle Fires in Q4 reckons JP Morgan analyst

First step in an Amazon/Apple two horse race?

Amazon to sell 5 million Kindle Fires in Q4 reckons JP Morgan analyst
Some are already predicting Amazon and Apple will be in a two horse race in terms of the tablet market, with Android left out in the cold this Christmas.

Projections from JP Morgan analyst Douglas Anmuth suggest Amazon is capable of selling around 5 million of its Kindle Fire tablets over the holiday season.

The hotly anticipated Kindle Fire is due to be available in the US from November 15 and represents a considerable bargain at $199 compared to the current market leading iPad, which boasts an entry price of $499.

Relight my fire

If Kindle Fire did manage to sell 5 million units in Q4 that would represent a tidy start in a currently Apple-dominated market. Comparisons with Apple's iPad sales so far won't make easy reading for Android fans.

In its last financial quarter Apple managed to sell over 11 million iPads.

Anmuth also reported that differing variations on the Kindle Fire would become available next year, in the shape of 7-inch and 10-inch models and 3G connectivity coming into play.

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