Mobile ad start-up MoPub unveils self service real-time bidding marketplace

'Virtual trading floor' designed to level playing field

Mobile ad start-up MoPub unveils self service real-time bidding marketplace
The do-it-yourself culture that's invading mobile ad networks is spreading.

After closing its first $6.5 million strong funding round back in July, mobile advertising start-up MoPub – formed by former AdMob and Google employees – has unveiled a new self service marketplace.

In essence, MoPub Marketplace acts as a virtual trading floor for mobile ads, allowing advertisers to link up with publishers and developers through a series of competitive auctions.

Mo money, no problems

The whole thing is designed to give the publisher or developer more flexibility into how they monetise their titles, whilst also allowing advertising to better target their promos at the right audiences.

"Until today, publishers have had to operate their mobile ads through a black box: blindly trusting ad networks, without knowing which ads are effective and with no control over the type of ads consumers receive," said MoPub CEO and co-founder Jim Payne.

"This matters considerably to the top tier publishers we are working with who are concerned with brand protection as well as ad performance."

MoPub claims its optimisation algorithms maximise revenue for publishers across both iOS and Android devices "without sacrificing the user experience".

Those looking to employ MoPub's SDKs and associated marketplace should visit the firm's website.

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