EA Mobile to offer exclusive games package for Nokia Windows Phone

Plus free Java games for Asha range

EA Mobile to offer exclusive games package for Nokia Windows Phone
Earlier today Nokia offered some tantalising hints of big name sign-ups for its impending Windows Phone family at its Nokia World conference.

While an ESPN sports hub and a partnership with leading kids brands such as Sesame Street will both garner positive headlines, it was the tie-up with Electronic Arts that peaked our interest.

Although official details were sparse - with allusion made to an extension of the existing relationships to tailor titles for the Nokia Windows Phone devices and plans to offer free games and demos alongside paid for games - has got wind of a little more detail from the conference floor.

Power of brands

According to our source, the deal will see the arrival of at least 10 premium Java games from the EA Mobile stable made available for free - embedded - on the Asha platform plus an exclusive games package, (not free, possible a subscription bundle) featuring EA's premium brands, independent titles from the Chillingo range and from licensee's Hasbro family games for Windows Phone devices.

While the specific titles and the exact nature of the package or its financials were not revealed, if confirmed this would surely represent yet another coup for EA in its attempt to monopolise the mobile gaming space as well as being a shot in the arm for gaming on Nokia.


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