Chartboost offers iOS developers 100% revenue from TinyCo ads

Offer runs between Nov 15 and Dec 15

Chartboost offers iOS developers 100% revenue from TinyCo ads
San Francisco-based mobile game developer TinyCo will be joining forces with Chartboost in a collaborative push for more ad impressions and more ad clients respectively.

iOS developers that join the direct-deal advertising marketplace between November 15 and December 15 will be able to keep 100 percent of the ad revenue gained when they display TinyCo ads in their apps.

The process is intended to highlight Chartboost's services, which aim to cut out the middle man (the ad networks) and allow developers to contact each other directly.

Aim to retain

"TinyCo is a proponent of Direct Deals because it enables us to guarantee high volumes and get more transparency about the users we acquire." said Jennifer Lu, head of business development at TinyCo.

CEO of Chartboost Maria Alegre also highlights the benefits of direct deals.

"Chartboost and TinyCo are uniting their strengths to show how powerful the marketplace is, giving app developers the freedom to work directly with each other, and providing full transparency for the advertiser and full control for the publisher," she said.

"Big publishers can benefit from direct deals by making more money while retaining control over the user experience."

Tiny ads

TinyCo is famous for having developed Tiny Zoo Friends, Tiny Pets, Tap Resort and VIP Poker, all of which have reached the App Store Top Ten.

It has also set up the $5 million TinyFund, in order to aid indie developers on iOS and Android.

We recently spoke with Chartboost's Alegre about how her company's staff's former time at Tapulous means they know what developers really want in an ad platform.

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