Benchmark Games iTunes promo highlights most innovative iOS games

Benchmark Games iTunes promo highlights most innovative iOS games
A new way of pushing the most acclaimed iOS games to consumers has been introduced on the iTunes store.

The new Benchmark Games category elevates selected games to feature on a front page over categories such as Innovative Gameplay, Intuitive Controls, Stunning Graphics, Quick Fixes and Hardcore games.

Best in show

"Whether you're a casual player or a veteran gamer, you won't want to miss these outstanding titles that lead and define their respective categories," reads the feature explanation in iTunes.

"We love this addictive sampling of the greatest interactive experiences that iOS has to offer. And we think you will too."

Games currently featured in the line-up include Nimblebit's Tiny Tower, Warner Bros' Scribblenauts Remix, Madfinger Games' Shadowgun and Disney's Where's my Water?

It seems there's no way to navigate via the web to the Benchmark page as yet, but you can click here to see it for yourself in iTunes. 

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