Black Friday bonanza sees analysts peg Amazon Kindle sales to date at 2 million

May have outperformed iPad over Thanksgiving

Black Friday bonanza sees analysts peg Amazon Kindle sales to date at 2 million
Given no Android tablets have been able to make an impression on the table-topping iPad, you can sure manufacturers the world over will be eagerly watching Kindle Fire in the coming months.

Because, if eDataSource CEO Carter Nicholas is to be believed, Amazon's device may have amassed sales of more than 2 million to date, outperforming iPad during the Black Friday sales in the US in the process, and indeed the combined sales of non-iPad tablets in the US during 2011

The best buy

"Our estimate is that Amazon has now sold 850,000 units direct from the site," Nicholas told CNET.

"Total sales would be substantially larger. Amazon may have sold as many as 2 million or more so far when you consider all sales channels."

Nicholas' estimate comes as US chain Best Buy proclaimed Kindle Fire as its best selling tablet during Black Friday, with the company confirming the device is selling "well".

Fire sale

Adding to Nicholas' optimism, iSuppli has claimed it expects Kindle Fire to take up residence in second spot behind iPad during Q4 2011, outperforming the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Motorola's Xoom.

The gap between Kindle Fire and the rest of the Android pack is set to stretch out, too. Nicholas believes sales are increasing month on month, with the tablet enjoying healthy spikes throughout November.

"Trendwise, sales are picking up," he concluded.

"If you compare second half of November to second half of October, the rate of sales is up 63 percent."

[source: CNET]

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