Funzio's second freemium game Modern War does 1.5 million iOS downloads in first week

Invasions galore

Funzio's second freemium game Modern War does 1.5 million iOS downloads in first week
Fast growing mobile social publisher Funzio pulled off one million iOS downloads in five days when it launched its first freemium game Crime City.

Things are speeding up, however, with its second Modern War notching up 1.5 million on iOS in its first week.

To-date, that's resulted in 13 million battles and 70 years of total play time.

Bang, bang

The game is a realistic military social action game, with cooperative and battle multiplayer modes.

"It really validates our vision to see the iOS market respond so strongly to Modern War," said Ken Chiu, Funzio's CEO.

"We have now proven twice that a universal design building on people's natural team-building and competitive impulses can deliver the fun that broad audiences are looking for."

Set up by Chiu, who previously worked at Zynga and Storm8, Funzio raised $20 million, from IDG Capital Partners in China and IDG Ventures in the US in May.

It also recently appointed Jamil Moledina as the its VP of business development, from EA Partners

[source: MarketWire]
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I too just updated and lost approx 25 -30 inflatables. At $25k each, that's a lot of cash and the unit is gone from the game. What gives?
Attacking seems like playing a slot machine. Your overall attack/defence numbers might guarantee a win but the result and casualty rate loss can be a mystery. To lose expensive units against weak opponents is puzzling.
Overall fun game but there are tech issues that need to fixed.
I just upgraded my Modern War. Then I can made and then lost my KC-135 Stratotanker dan sea ship (i forgot it's name @ U$ 25.000) :-(
Guys, keep an eye on your cash account, as for some reason your money dissappers from your account, even when your money is protected in the vault!!
With no raids and no attacks on you. Looks like a glitch or some kind of fraud going on in the game. Did inform support but no response as usual. Looks like they want the house to win or wants you to buy products from them. Be careful.
There should be more options of nations to chose from. and not being able get more gold sucks. Half of the game is gone
It's quite frustrating not being able buy
Gold or cash when you want to Do so!
During the last 20% discount promo,
I could not buy off and on for 2 days!
Except from a reply from c. Jones there were
No response at all from the support dept after many attempts !
Yes..I may be able to get a discount later but a....
Real time modern war-game... Not being able ammo
For 2days? I think the war maybe over by then!
Such a pity.. Tsk tsk all my friends are facing the same