Ex-Visceral Games team sets up new Melbourne-based mobile studio PlaySide

Aiming for console quality

Ex-Visceral Games team sets up new Melbourne-based mobile studio PlaySide
Following what he described as a "culling" at EA's Melbourne, Australia studio Visceral Games, game designer Gerry Sakkas as set up his own outfit.

Called PlaySide, staffed by more ex-Visceral developers, including Aaron Pasias and Mark Goulopoulos, it's focused on 'console quality' mobile game development.

"The goal was to create a studio of people who were accustomed to aiming for triple-A quality, take that talent and tailor it to a mobile audience," said Sakkas.

"We believe our studio has something really special in the sense that we can create quality assets, characters design and stories for any platform."

Learning from mistakes

Pointing out that while some mobile studios are "doing it right", Sakkas said many have got it wrong.

"Some of the larger studios have simply taken their hit titles and slapped them onto mobile. However, this is not what mobile consumers want and it is the complete opposite of what we are setting out to do."

In this regard, he said PlaySide's goal will be making tailored experience for the mobile platform, but with the polish of a console game.

"Our biggest goals are to create unique and loveable characters and to make a real impact on the mobile games industry," Sakkas ended.

You can find out more via its website

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