Inspired by $16,000 sale of Buckshot, Simon Papineau puts 3 apps for auction on eBay

Going twice...

Inspired by $16,000 sale of Buckshot, Simon Papineau puts 3 apps for auction on eBay
Inspired by the success of Neal Schmidt, the developer who sold the rights to his Buckshot iPhone game on eBay for an eventual fee of $16,000, another batch of iPhone apps has appeared on the online auction site.

Three apps are included in the sale put together by Simon Papineau, including Perfect Date, Tic Tac Toe Classic and XO: Tic Tac Toe 3D.

They are listed under the developer name Gamesmith in the App Store and according to the sale's web page reach over 300 downloads per day.

Add some iAds

As of the time of writing the sale still had just over four days left, but had already reached $3,000 after only two bids. The starting price was $300.

The apps have been live since 2009 and have been downloaded a total of 300,000 times.

"They are not promoted in any way and this is why I'm selling them now," says Papineau in the item description.

"I don't have the money to promote them or give them the makeover that they need. These downloads are just from people searching for these keywords. These would be really good to promote your other apps, or to include an ads engine like AdMob or iAd."

He also goes on to explain that "At the time [of development] we spent over $13,000 building them."

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