Two more games for sale on eBay, though prices falling sharply

Bidders drying up

Two more games for sale on eBay, though prices falling sharply
Continuing - and perhaps putting to bed - the trend of developers auctioning off their iPhone apps on eBay, two more sellers have joined the fray.

After Neal Schmidt managed to shift his Buckshot game for a tidy fee of $16,000, Simon Papineau put up three more titles for sale (currently sitting at $3,000 with one day to go).

Now Adam Schwartz, also known as 516pitcher555 on the auction site, is selling his app, Cannon Collision.

Joining him is Ben Steffens who has placed Fruit Ninja clone Fruit Slayer on the online auctioneer's block.

Attack the block

Though it's early days yet, it looks like this trend may be on the wane, as Cannon Collision has five days left and is currently selling for $203.50.
Fruit Slayer, meanwhile is $312.11 with three days to go.

Of course, the value of such apps is based around whether they can demonstrate solid revenue, otherwise the deal is largely speculative for buyers.

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