Medialets launches private marketplace with real time bidding to link publishers with advertisers

Platform generating 20 billion impressions a month

Medialets launches private marketplace with real time bidding to link publishers with advertisers
Reflecting the flexibility being employed across mobile ad platforms, Medialets has lifted the lid on its new Private Marketplace, designed to connect publishers with major advertisers.

The marketplace is designed to offer a more efficient process for both sides of the deal, facilitating real time bidding and the option for advertisers to buy directly, or reserve ad spots ahead of time.

In all, the venture appears designed to give advertisers a greater handle on how and when their campaigns are implemented – a stance the rich media network asserts benefits developers and publishers too, should more advertisers make a move on mobile as a result.

At present, it's supporting more than 20 billion monthly impressions, and has over 200 clients including the likes of AOL, BBC, CBS, CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

Adding to the ad mix

"Medialets has worked closely with the world’s leading brands, agencies and publishers to set an exceptionally high bar for creative, high-value rich media advertising on smartphones and tablets," said CEO Eric Litman.

"Along the way, we've gained a unique perspective into both the factors that make mobile the world’s most powerful advertising medium, as well as those operational details that challenge agencies to profitably build their mobile businesses at pace with client demand."

For publishers, Medialets claims the new marketplace will enable them to sell more than one slot at once – some taken through direct sales, others through the opportunities provided by Medialets' new venture.

“We’ve seen some incredible results with mobile rich media, but the effort in planning and buying rich inventory across premium publishers can be disproportionate to the size of the campaign," said Hill Holliday's Johnny Won. 

"By combining the efficiencies of large scale media buying with the control and confidence that comes with direct buys, Medialets' Private Marketplace makes it possible for us to drive an even greater share of our clients’ budgets to mobile where we continue to see great results."

[source: Medialets]

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