Ex-Rovio branding SVP Wibe Wagemans set to lead Big Fish Games mobile division

Flapping to Seattle

Ex-Rovio branding SVP Wibe Wagemans set to lead Big Fish Games mobile division
Big Fish Games made the headlines for the wrong reasons when its subscription-based games platform was pulled by Apple, just days after approval had been given.

Now however, there is cause to celebrate, as it looks to its future expansion, especially on mobile, with a new hire.

Ex-Rovio SVP Wibe Wagemans joins the company to manage its mobile business.

During his 17 year journey through mobile and marketing landscapes, Wagemans has held positions at Nokia, Bing and Microsoft, before moving to Angry Birds developer Rovio.

Been there

"Wibe is a data-driven brand steward who understands the distinct needs of mobile consumers and how to scale a growing portfolio of first and third-party content to mobile fans worldwide," said Jeremy Lewis, chief executive officer and president of Big Fish.

"With the addition of Wibe, we add another tremendously skilled member to our team."

Wagemans himself also commented on the move.

"Big Fish has a trusted entertainment brand 10 years in the making and huge further potential as it extends its 2500+ game catalogue to capitalise on the worldwide growth in mobile gaming," he said.

"I am delighted to be joining such a strong and well-positioned company. We have an exciting 2012 content lineup in the works from Big Fish Studios and our hundreds of talented development partners."

[source: Big Fish Games]

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