GREE readies for global platform launch announcing 20 international partnerships

Including Microsoft and Amazon

GREE readies for global platform launch announcing 20 international partnerships
Mobile social game platform GREE is preparing to launch its single sign-on global infrastructure, signing up 20 partners to help it push content worldwide smoothly.

Among those signed up include Amazon and Microsoft, with the main focus of the deals being the optimisation of development processes such as localisation, server-side infrastructure, debugging, and user support.

Power ups

"GREE has chosen to work with companies that individually have international market expertise, backed by extensive industry experience to provide a strong global support framework," read a statement.

"Through these enhanced service offerings, GREE's development partners will be able to focus on the planning, development, and worldwide distribution of their apps, while taking full advantage of the support service packages powered by GREE's partner companies."

Developers looking for more information on how to become involved in GREE's bid for global dominance can check out the GREE developers website.

Here's the list of partnerships in full separated into those previously mentioned categories.


DIGITAL Hearts Co.,Ltd.

Katalyst Lab Inc.

Keywords International Limited

Lionbridge Technologies

Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.

Server-side Infrastructure

Amazon Data Services Japan

FreeBit Co.,Ltd.

GMO Internet, Inc.

IDC Frontier Inc.

Microsoft Japan Co.,Ltd.

RightScale®, Inc.


DIGITAL Hearts Co.,Ltd.

Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.

VeriServe Corporation

User Support


E-Guardian Inc.

GaiaX Co.Ltd.

ISAO Corporation

Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.

transcosmos inc.

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