Meet Pocket Gamer at Casual Connect in Hamburg

Party on down at the PG Mobile Mixer

Meet Pocket Gamer at Casual Connect in Hamburg
The Casual Connect event is back in Europe next week and over 3,500 professionals are expected to bustle into Hamburg from 7-8 February 2012.

The event will see some inspirational figures in the industry give presentations, including folks from Fishlabs, Papaya Mobile, Playdom and Zynga.

Naturally this means that the PocketGamer team will be there in full regalia (put down those lederhosen, Chris) to soak up the atmosphere and to share in the collective wisdom of the European mobile and social gaming community.

Mixing it up

It's not all work though, for, true-to-form, we'll be throwing a party on the Wednesday night.

The PG Mobile Mixer will be held from 6pm. If you're interested in getting involved then you'd best get in touch.

For editorial meetings, hit rob[at]

For business and party stuff, talk to alex[at]

You can find out the full details of the event, including session schedules, over at the Casual Connection website.

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