Post-earnout, two Gameview co-founders leave the DeNA-owned studio

Pastures new with pockets full

Post-earnout, two Gameview co-founders leave the DeNA-owned studio
Two co-founding members of Tap Fish outfit Gameview Studios have departed the US developer, moving on to start up new, presumably game-based, projects.

Following the lifting of their lock-in periods, Riz Virk and Mitch Liu left in January, with Virk's brother Irfan also moving on, although he'll be staying within the DeNA fold, heading up its new Vancouver studio.


Gameview, which is best known for its Tap Fish free-to-play game is reckoned to makes over $1 million per month, was purchased by Japanese firm DeNA back in 2010 for an undisclosed sum

Irfan's new gig, DeNA Studios Canada, is due to open its doors in early March and will focus on design, development and operation support for other companies within the DeNA group.

[source: Inside Mobile Apps]

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