Spry Fox's Edery slams 6waves Lolapps 'disingenuous defence' over Triple Town clone case

'Additional facts' to surface at trial

Spry Fox's Edery slams 6waves Lolapps 'disingenuous defence' over Triple Town clone case
Having kicked off legal action against 6waves Lolapps, Spry Fox has hit out at its rival's stance that it never violated a non-disclosure agreement with the Triple Town developer.

6waves Lolapps chief executive Reg Ng previousy dismissed the notion his outfit had made use of early access to Spry Fox's title when the two parties were in negotiations.

Indeed, in reponse to the Spry Fox action, Ng claimed supposed Triple Town clone Yeti Town had actually been developed "in isolation" by Escalation - the studio 6waves Lolapps acquired in January.

It's all coming out

Ng also pointed to the fact that Triple Town had been available on Kindle since October 2010, suggesting there would have been no need for his outfit to use its contact with Spry Fox to dig for details on the title.

In reply, Spry Fox co-founder David Edery has stated the studio finds it "remarkable that 6waves would imply that the existence of the Kindle version of Triple Town somehow excuses 6waves' behaviour".

He continued, "Anyone who has played the Kindle version of Triple Town knows that it is substantially different from the Facebook and Google+ versions released a year later, and furthermore, that the copyrighted game elements 6waves' is accused of copying are exclusive to the Facebook and Google+ versions of Triple Town."

"This sort of disingenuous defence will not be of much help to 6waves. Finally, there are additional facts that will be revealed at trial that will clearly establish a linkage between the development team and the business team at 6waves."

[source: Gamastura]

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