Pixel Story disappears from App Store in US and UK amid Clonegate furore

But Tiny Tower rival remains in Europe

Pixel Story disappears from App Store in US and UK amid Clonegate furore
Amid the constant din of what was quickly dubbed Clonegate, another conspicuous title has vanished from the App Store, this time in the form of Skyboard's Pixel Story.

A week packed with accusations of cloning was closed by the removal of a batch of apps with rather exploitative names, but Pixel Story – which some claim bears too much resemblance to NimbleBit's Tiny Tower – managed to slip through the net.

Until now.

Wherefore art thou?

A search of the App Store in the UK now brings up no results for Pixel Story, though oddly enough, the game still seems to be available throughout Europe.

While neither the developer is yet to offer comment, it could be the case Skyboard has pre-emptively taken the game down in certain markets in anticipation of trouble with either Apple or NimbleBit itself.
Pixel Story isn't the only title that's been accused of plagiarising NimbleBit's smash, however.

The studio recently published an open letter to Zynga after the social studio launched Dream Heights on the App Store, which it claims also apes Tiny Tower rather too closely.

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