Music education app WildChords set for expansion as Ovelin raises $1.4 million in seed funding

True Ventures the biggest backer

Music education app WildChords set for expansion as Ovelin raises $1.4 million in seed funding
Finnish outfit Ovelin's WildChords on iPad has been nominated for awards aplenty, with its intuitive music education slant – teaching users how to play guitar through play – proving popular with critics.

Now the studio has announced it's raised $1.4 million in funding, with True Ventures named as the major contributor.

Pick up a plectrum

"We are really excited to work with True Ventures, because they share our big vision of making the world more musical," said CEO and co-founder of Ovelin Christoph Thür.

"With the investment from True Ventures, we will grow much faster, and build a wider range of interactive music games to teach people all over the world to play music instruments.

"Of course, we were also happy to learn that one of True Ventures founders' sons was already learning to play the guitar with WildChords."

Ovelin claims the money will be expanding the freemium release, which amassed 1,000 downloads within its first month of release.

Expanding eye

Back in December, CCO and co-founder Mikko Kaipainen revealed WildChords launches on further platforms are set to follow.

"Next year we will have more platforms coming and we will introduce a lot of new exiting features to existing gameplay," said Kaipainen as part of our Finland Focus coverage.

"Our vision is to make world more musical place and WildChords is an great starting point for this journey."

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Feifan Chang
The only way to help the students get a decent education from the public school system and not bankrupt the state any more is to eliminate the teachers union. End of story!