Kwalee looks to breed innovation with free Wednesdays

Employing Google model

Kwalee looks to breed innovation with free Wednesdays
Over at startup UK developer Kwalee, ex-Codemaster co-founder David Darling and his team are adopting a new approach to staff time management, inspired by Google's working practise.

Every Wednesday, the crew at the Leamington Spa based-studio is being given a whole day to pursue their own individual projects, adding up to a 20 percent chunk of time spent on a variety of creative endeavours.


"Each member of the development team is given a duration of a few months to complete each personal project," said Darling.

"We encourage them all to maximise their time management and creative skills enhancing both their productivity as well as the company's.

"We hope this free time improves creative thinking within the development team, in order to develop even more exciting ideas for Kwalee."

The team at Kwalee has seen some significant hires as it works on its first title Vegemite, including veteran marketeer Bruce Everiss and Micro Machines programmer Andrew Graham.

[source: Kwalee]

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