Big Fish expands Irish offices in its bid to become the Netflix of gaming

Backed by IDA Ireland

Big Fish expands Irish offices in its bid to become the Netflix of gaming
Big Fish Games is looking to become the Netflix of games, as it announces the expansion of its Cork, Ireland office and its search for 30 software engineering staffers to fill out its shiny new hallways.

The new batch of employees will be needed for Big Fish to grow its technology as part of the expansion, which is backed by the department of industry and commerce agency, IDA Ireland, which focuses on bringing more export based business into the country.

Strike one

"This'll be very appealing to new customers," said Will O'Brien, GM of cloud gaming at Big Fish.

"The opportunity with instant gaming via the cloud is that new customers can immediately try and fall in love with our games on the device of their choice.

"It was a natural extension for us, just as streaming movies was a natural solution for Netflix. It's an opportunity for us to strike out, and pioneer in this space, and really define where this industry is going to go."

Irish pool

O'Brien also gave his thoughts on rooting the business in the heart of a healthy Irish cloud community.

"Ireland has strong competencies in cloud computing and software engineering," he said.

"There are now over 1500 people employed in the game industry in Ireland, so there's a great talent pool."

Big Fish made headlines back in November 2011 when its streaming game subscription service, after initial acceptance onto the App Store was pulled by Apple.

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