Zynga welcomes Konami, Playdemic, and Rebellion to social platform beta

First social move for Oxford-based Rebellion

Zynga welcomes Konami, Playdemic, and Rebellion to social platform beta
After its announcement at GDC, Zynga has shed more light on its partnerships with Konami, Playdemic, and Rebellion, with the trio becoming some of the first third parties to support the social studio's fledgling online platform.

As previously revealed by the firm, the new Zynga Platform is an attempt by the firm to diversify its operations beyond Facebook.

However, the studio has also opened the portal up to third parties, with Zynga's Rob Dyer describing it as a platform for a "captive audience that loves to play", pitching the service as the "best destination for social games for players and developers alike."

Rebellious streak

Konami, Playdemic and Rebellion join Zynga's existing platform partners Mob Science, Row Sham Bow and Sava Transmedia, with the partnership with Rebellion in particular proving the most interesting.

While Konami and Playdemic have experience in the social gaming space, Rebellion's move to support Zynga marks the first time the 21 year old studio has entered the social arena - the outfit best known for its Aliens vs Predator FPS outings.

"Our goal is to bring Rebellion games to a broader audience while learning from Zynga's mastery of the social gaming space," said Rebellion CEO and creative director Jason Kingsley.

"Through the Zynga Platform, we'll release our first-ever social game. We can't wait to show players what we’ve been working on."

All aboard acceleration

In the cases of Playdemic and Konami, the two parties are hoping Zynga's platform will expand their existing social reach.

"We have incredible talent at Playdemic and have already been successful on Facebook, but we know that working with Zynga will rapidly accelerate our growth and bring our games to more players," added Playdemic CEO Paul Gouge explained.

Likewise, Konami senior VP Kazuhiko Uehera said the deal would bring Konami's social games "to the heart of the gaming audience."

"This new partnership accelerates Konami's continued success as a top global social games developer," he added.

The initial announcement was made as part of Zynga's GDC talk, where Rob Dyer outlined the problems social studios have finding a secure and lucrative audience.

[source: Business Wire]
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