Indie facilitator Selfpubd launches discovery platform Thumb Arcade

200 companies now on board

Indie facilitator Selfpubd launches discovery platform Thumb Arcade
Indie developer movement Selfpubd has announced it is to launch a new discovery platform, pushing the titles from its now 200 studio strong community.

The new mobile social portal – dubbed Thumb Arcade thanks to a deal with Asendu Mobile Studio – will "accelerate discovery, downloads and sales" of indie titles by building a unified mobile and online gaming site.

"We're creating a game site like you've never seen," said founder Andy Rosic.

"It's mobile, it's online, it's social. We plan to increase discovery, improve interaction and cross-platform game play and keep it all a bit more real with direct-to-fan publishing of great gaming hits."

Indie forever

The movement, originally titled Who Needs Chillingo?, was brought together to highlight the alternatives to signing up with a publisher for indies on the scene, though Rosic claims it holds "no ill will toward the aforementioned (or any) game publisher".

Selfpubd member and Spilt Milk Studios MD Andrew John Smith said the launch of the new portal would help indies wrestle back power from the big publishers.

"Developers are right on the frontlines," Smith concluded.

"We're learning the hard way about all the tricks, traps and nuances of the market. We've collectively got an amazing wealth of knowledge and we should share that as much as we can."

Studios looking to sign up should visit the Thumb Arcade website.

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