Re-renamed 6waves inks multi-game publishing deals with 32 developers

Bringing 40 games to social networks in first half of 2012

Re-renamed 6waves inks multi-game publishing deals with 32 developers
Strange times at 6waves, which following its merger with Lolapps, briefly became 6L.

Since then, it's had its name dragged into a lawsuit concerning cloning Spry Fox's Triple Town, fired its Facebook development teams based in Lolapps, lost two Lolapps execs in the process, and said it will now focus on being a social and mobile publisher

Oh, and it's re-renamed itself 6waves. 

Back to the start

Still, here's comes some better news: it's announced partnerships with 32 social game developers including Atari, Kabam, and Large Animal.

The move will see 6waves reaching out to developers in 11 countries including the UK, Russia, and China – one of the key markets which 6waves says it's looking to increase traction.

"We look forward to leveraging their track record of successfully publishing games on social networks as we bring Atari's world-renowned game franchises to our ever growing fan base," said Atari's CEO Jim Wilson.

6waves is looking to publish 40 games on social networks in the first half of 2012.

"The momentum that we have gained in both mobile and social in 2012 should send a clear signal to the industry: we are committed to continuing our growth," said 6waves SVP of publishing Jim Ying.

Here's a full list of partners:

Adjoy, China

Antic Entertainment, Canada

Atari, USA

Big Blue Bubble, Canada

C.C.C.P., France

Chiwawa Games, Russia

Drimmi, Russia

Enteraction, UK

Game Insight, Russia

Gamecon, China

Guerillapps, USA

Hourblast Games, USA

iEvoTech, Russia

Imba Games, Isreal

izelus, USA

Jammy Pot, Korea

Jiangsu Juteng Network Technology, China

Kabam, USA

KOD Games, China

Large Animal/WMS, USA

Leiyoo, China

OSA, Russia

Pixonic, Russia

PlayDay, Hong Kong

Sharkus Games, UK

Socialinus, Korea

Starz/Large Animal, USA

UUC, China

White Rabbit Studios, Pakistan

Zodiak Active, UK

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