Spil Games to distribute Digital Chocolate titles across its social platforms

New partnership starts with Galaxy Life

Spil Games to distribute Digital Chocolate titles across its social platforms
Digital Chocolate and Spil Games have announced a partnership which will see Digital Chocolate titles appear on Spil Games' social gaming platforms.

Science-fiction strategy game Galaxy Life will be the first Digital Chocolate title to benefit from Spil Games' audience of over 170 million monthly unique users.

Spil says use of its API will allow the publisher to quickly scale the game across multiple languages for its new global audience.

Targeted segments

Discussing the partnership, Digital Chocolate COO Jason Loia explained that Spil Games' global user base and expertise in reaching targeted segments such as teens and families made the deal a natural fit - referring to the Spil Games' range of specialised channels, such as

Loia continued, "Moreover, it was able to customise its offering to our needs and take on the cost and effort of marketing our games to their audience.

"This enables our developers to focus on what they're best at – developing unique and exciting cross-platform social games without worrying about user acquisition costs."

Unique offering

Spil Games CEO Peter Driessen was similarly pleased with the deal, noting that "Galaxy Life is a welcome addition to the Spil Games social games collection."

"This partnership is another indication that our unique offering, which enables developers to achieve revenue, as well as scale across multiple age segments and languages, resonates with the triple-A developer community."

[source: Spil Games]
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