Draw Something hits 50 million downloads in 50 days

Knocks Angry Birds Space off the top grossing spot

Draw Something hits 50 million downloads in 50 days
Having dropped $180 million to buy OMGPOP, it looks like Zynga will also be shelling out the rumoured $30 million performance-related earn-out.

Draw Something has just passed 50 million installs across Facebook, iOS and Android.

"We believe it's not only the fastest growing original mobile game of all time - 50 days to hit 50 million downloads - but one of the fastest growing web sensations that we've seen," says Zynga.

We bet it's even happier the game has knocked Angry Birds Space off the US iPhone top grossing #1 spot.

Babies not bowls

In terms of other stats

  • More than 6 billion drawings have been created

  • Draw Something hosted three drawings per second the day it launched

  • At its peak, Draw Something typically generates 3,000 drawings per second

  • The most popular words are Starfish, pregnant, Hangman, six pack and boom box

  • The least popular word is latrine

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