Madvertise looks beyond UDIDs with unique device detection to track across web and apps

Not a like-for-like replacement

Madvertise looks beyond UDIDs with unique device detection to track across web and apps
Earlier this week, we spoke to Adam Drake about the whole UDID situation.

Madvertise's VP of research and chief data scientist thought it was an opportunity to take a wider view about the future of mobile advertising.

Unsurprisingly, this has been reflected in the company's official response.

Instead of supporting any of the existing solutions, it appears to have decided upon its own technology, based around what it labels a highly accurate unique device detection system (UUD).

Combining app and web

One advantage is this will enable madvertise to analyse a user or device is based on parameters accessible from the device through an app or via the web browser.

This is something other companies in the ecosystem have also stressed; most recently MdotM, which is using AdTruth's fingerprinting technology.

Madvertise says its approach will be able to deliver campaigns with the most accurate information available.

Competitive advantage

"At madvertise we have begun to deploy these and other methods in order to obtain a far greater insight into our request traffic", said Drake.

"Data collection, analysis and enrichment on mobile is rapidly changing. The days of cookies as a valid identification metric are over and any company still relying primarily on them as a basis for their technologies will be rapidly left behind."

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