HandyGames does 25 million downloads from Google Play

Free is key

HandyGames does 25 million downloads from Google Play
German publisher HandyGames has announced its games have been downloaded over 25 million times from Google Play.

It has around 20 titles available on the appstore, over 35 versions including all paid and free games, and it's the free games that have really boosted its performance.

Building up

Most downloaded titles include Clouds & Sheep with over 5 million installs, and Guns'n'Glory, Super Dynamite Fishing and Aporkalypse all over a million.

Its next release is the much anticipated iOS and Android version of its Java strategy franchise Townsmen.

Back in December 2011, the company also announced it was hosting over 300 million in-game ads a month across its iOS, Android and Ovi games.

[source: HandyGames]
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