Recommendation engine Hooked adds Critic's Choice

App drives 3 million game downloads in four days

Recommendation engine Hooked adds Critic's Choice
Android game recommendation app Hooked has integrated a Critic's Choice centre into its "What's Hot" tab.

Critic's Choice is an editorial spot where game reviewers and bloggers will post reviews of their favourite games each week.

The Hooked Media app covers 250,000 games on the Google Play store, using advanced recommendation algorithms to generate personalised game suggests for players.

Under the "What's Hot" tab users canl find real-time feeds for games being played, recommended, and rated as well as a percentage of users who liked the game and the option to download it immediately or save it for later.

Everyone's a critic

This news comes as Hooked announces it has driven 3 million downloads of other games and clocked over 500,000 hours of play time in just four days.

Popularity in the app spiked passing Linkedin and Foursquare to land the number seven spot on the Google Play free charts during a recent user acquisition promotion.

In February 2012, Hooked Media's CEO Prita Uppal said the app saw on average around three downloads per session with users downloading approximately nine games a week."

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