Kiip offers Mega Jump, Dunk Basketball and Monster Shooter players a place in Guinness World Records

High scores win all

Kiip offers Mega Jump, Dunk Basketball and Monster Shooter players a place in Guinness World Records
[Updated: Some information, which was erroneously released too early, has been removed from this article at Kiip's request.] 

Mobile rewards scheme Kiip is to partner with the Guinness World Records to host a new competition designed to find the world's top mobile gamers.

Taking place between 27-29 of April, the three day event will utilise Kiip's Swarm technology, with gamers encouraged to post the highest scores possible on three titles - Get Set Games' Mega Jump, Visual Dreams' Dunk Basketball, and Gamelion Studios' Monster Shooter.

Those who submit scores will be able to compare their efforts against the rest of the world via leaderboards published on Kiip's website.

In it to win it

The winner will receive a personalised certificate recognising their efforts, and will see their name featured in 2013 gamers edition of the Guinness World Records itself - set to be published in January.

According to Kiip, this is the latest in many competitions set to be organised by the two parties, with the firm looking to make players of every Kiip-enabled game eligible for top honours in the future.

"We've always thought that the Guinness World Record is the ultimate achievement," said Kiip CEO Brian Wong.

"We're glad we're going to be able to continue bringing the ultimate achievement to everyone playing these top games. We’re proud to also announce that we're now integrated into over 200 games, which means that there is a reward at almost every turn.

"Achievements are becoming more and more real, every single day."

This is the second time Kiip has partnered with Guinness World Records, with the two firms having offered gamers a chance grab a world record by playing Mega Jump back in September.

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