Angry Birds architect and artist fly Rovio's nest to set up HTML5 outfit Boomlagoon

Helsinki outfit looking for investors

Angry Birds architect and artist fly Rovio's nest to set up HTML5 outfit Boomlagoon
Having had a hand in the 700 million downloads strong success that is Angry Birds, all eyes will be on new Helsinki-based outfit Boomlagoon, set up by former Rovio maestros Antti Stén and Tuomas Erikoinen.

Stén, who will serve as chief executive, was the lead server architect for the original Angry Birds, while CCO Erikoinen was lead artist on Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.

The studio's exact plans are still somewhat up in the air, but the firm has claimed it will look to support multiple mobile and web-based platforms with HTML5 releases.

Flying the nest

"We know a thing or two about successful games and high volumes and we'll use this knowledge to spawn something very cool and new," Stén told VentureBeat.

Stén claims the studio is looking to create "convivial and intriguing" games, joking the firm could "end up with the next Angry Birds" on its hands.

"Through our experience of seeing multiple startups, we've gained the necessary skill set for founding and running a company with high values on all departments of the company," he added.

"Our core skills are in game development but we've also had the opportunity to study fields such as PR, branding, recruitment, business negotiations, leading teams, HR, and networking."

First up for Boomlagoon will be both taking on more staff – the company's current roster currently consists on just its two founders – and securing outside investment.

[source: VentureBeat]

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