As Jeremy Lewis steps down, Big Fish founder Paul Thelen regains CEO role

Transitionary move

As Jeremy Lewis steps down, Big Fish founder Paul Thelen regains CEO role
Casual gaming publisher Big Fish has tweaked its management team.

President and CEO Jeremy Lewis is stepping down from 30 April, although remaining on the board of directors.

Founder and previous CEO Paul Thelen - currently chairman of the board and chief strategy officer - will add those roles to his business card.

"Six years ago, I joined Big Fish Games' founder, Paul Thelen, to partner with him to build Big Fish," said Lewis.

"Since then, we've grown the company organically through several life stages and emerged as a leading digital brand with strong momentum and huge continued potential."

Looking ahead

Thelen commented, thanking Lewis for "his leadership and for the many milestones achieved on his watch".

In recent years, Big Fish has transitioned from being a publisher of PC casual games to embracing iOS, especially iPad.

It's now focused on its streaming Universal Cloud Gaming Service (due later in 2012), as well as moving into free-to-play games on Facebook, PC, Mac and mobile.

"Each year since its founding, Big Fish Games has generated substantial revenue growth and we are on-track for another record year in 2012," Thelen added.

Sales were more $180 million in 2011, up 30 percent year-on-year.

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