Apple and HTC ordered to discuss settlement

Tete-a-tete set for 28 August

Apple and HTC ordered to discuss settlement
Apple and HTC have been ordered by a Delaware district judge to meet to settle their ongoing patent infringement claims on 28 August.

The talks, which will be overseen by magistrate judge Sherry R. Fallon, will see both companies hash out claims that are currently blocking shipments of new HTC handsets into the US.

Both parties must involve decision makers who "have full authority to act on behalf of the parties including the authority to negotiate a resolution and respond to developments during the mediation process."

Problematic patents

The latest twist and Apple and HTC's patent infringement claims saw shipments of the HTC's flagship handsets the HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE held up at customs due to an International Trade Commission injunction over an Apple patent.

An import ban against HTC was lodged in December over a "data detectors" patent, which automatically detects data such as phone numbers, email addresses and hyperlinks among text.

Apple, who is currently wrapped up in patent claims with Motorola, is also due to settle ongoing patent lawsuits with Samsung at a San Francisco courthouse on 21-22 May.

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