US retail giant GameStop now stocking Android tablets in more than 1,600 stores

Tablets got game

US retail giant GameStop now stocking Android tablets in more than 1,600 stores
Games retailer GameStop has announced more than 1,600 of its outlets across the country are now carrying Android tablets, responding to consumer demand.

The new high water mark was reached in anticipation of the US Memorial Day holiday weekend, with the chain having originally rolled out a selection of Android tablets as part of a 'soft launch' back in November 2011.

Topped up tablets

Interestingly, GameStop pitches the devices – which include the Asus Transformer, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 16GB and the 7-inch Acer Iconia – as games machines, with a whole host of extras tagged on to ensure they appeal to the store's audience.

"Android tablets purchased at GameStop come loaded with valuable extras including a hand-picked selection of free games, like Sonic CD and Riptide, the Kongregate Arcade gaming app and a free issue of Game Informer Digital," the firm said in a statement celebrating the milestone figure.

"As with all products sold by GameStop, these items can be purchased with trades of games, consoles and even an old iPod, iPhone or iPad."

Changing game

GameStop's decision to treat tablets as games machines - incorporating them into the company's business alongside handhelds and home consoles - tands in stark contrast to the attitude of many other games retailers, such as UK chain Game.

The British-based retailer suffered a period of administration back in March as revenues tumbled, many commentators citing the rise of digital games – notably through smartphones and tablets – as a factor that hitt the company hard.

Indeed, GameStop's move to embrace to mobile industry is likely a defensive one, as the firm shifts its focus to accommodate the changing nature of games retail.

The supposed battle between mobile and console is expected to ramp up at this year's E3, where's Mobile Gaming Mavens believe tablets will begin their challenge to replace consoles as the platform of choice for home gaming.

[source: GameStop]

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jon jordan
there's more pricing flexibility for Android tablets, plus with the likes of Nvidia in the market, it's more of a PC gaming experience (for better or worse).
Best Tablet 2012
Why not just get into the iPad game and get a game rental and purchase app for current iOS devices?