Zynga's Laurent Desegur jumps ship to join HTML5 tool Game Closure

Cross-platform specialist gains new veep

Zynga's Laurent Desegur jumps ship to join HTML5 tool Game Closure
Cross-platform HTML5 tool has managed to poach away former Zynga Mobile CTO Laurent Desegur to serve as the firm's new VP of mobile engineering, it's been revealed.

According to Desegur – who has previously made his name at the likes of Amazon, Apple, EA and Big Fish Games, amongst others, over the course of the last two decades – his decision to move was motivated by his experience with the people behind the platform.

The right move

"I vote with my feet," said Desegur of his move.

"After first-hand experience with the Game Closure SDK and the people behind it, I knew that I had be involved in the growth and refinement of the team and technology."


Game Closure's platform is designed to aid the development and deployment of HTML5-based multiplayer games across iOS, Android and Facebook, with the firm's SDK aiming to cover all bases – from creation through to deployment.

It's an area Desegur believes will become increasingly important in the years ahead.

Less closure, more opening

"Game Closure is building technology that radically enhances the quality, development speed, and availability of games on mobile," he concluded.

"I believe these tools are essential to build beautiful, frictionless social games which can compete in today's market."

Desegur's exact role at Game Closure hasn't yet been publicly defined, though at Zynga he had a major hand in the firm's strategy – including mergers and acquisitions – as well as a lead role in engineering.

His appointment comes three months after Game Closure raised $12 million in funding in a round ed by Highland Capital, Greylock Partners, Benchmark Capital, Charles River Ventures and General Catalyst Partners.

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