E3 2012: Sony and HTC in PlayStation games tie-up

PlayStation Suite renamed PlayStation Mobile as Sony ramps up push onto third-party mobile hardware

E3 2012: Sony and HTC in PlayStation games tie-up
As rumoured back in February, Sony has added Android-pioneer HTC to its PlayStation Certified licence program.

The move will bring PlayStation games to HTC Android phones, significantly bolstering the Japanese gaming giant's efforts to find an audience for its content beyond the Xperia mobile handsets and its struggling PS Vita console.

A new mobile games platform

By accelerating the proliferation of PlayStation Certified devices in the marketplace, Sony hopes to increase the audience for its PlayStation Suite content – which from hereon is to be known as PlayStation Mobile.

Sony says the rebranded PlayStation Mobile will be positioned "as a new platform", with third-party developers and publishers and Sony's own Worldwide Studios creating games specifically for it.

PlayStation Certified phones are already able to run a range of PSOne games made available for mobile, including the likes of Destruction Derby and MediEvil.