Self-publishing is the 'future of gaming', declares TIGA

Traditional developers must change approach

Self-publishing is the 'future of gaming', declares TIGA
UK trade association TIGA has claimed developers relying on publishers in the digital arena need to change their approach or risk falling behind, with self-publishing set to become the dominant model.

Speaking in response to a study by PricewaterhouseCooper detailing gaming growth in the coming years – 'wireless gaming' set to be worth $1.3 billion by 2016 - TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson said developers need to go it alone on digital formats.

No publisher punch

"The indication from our members is that 47 per cent of UK games developers self-publish games," said Wilson of the report.

"Digital distribution on platforms such as Steam, the App Store, Google Play, PSN, Xbox Live and WiiWare have made it second nature for consumers to download games direct rather than visit a retailer.

"TIGA believes – and the figures in America seem to back us up – that this is the future of gaming and that developers who still rely on traditional routes to market must change with the times.

"The UK industry is geared up for self-publishing, with more and more developers going it alone and decided on producing games for digital distribution channels."

Dancing with danger

Wilson's comments come little over a month after TIGA published a self-publishing guide aimed at independent developers operating on digital marketplaces.

Indeed, TIGA chairman and Rebellion CEO and creative director Jason Kingsley believes developers switching to self-publishing need to be aware of the risks it brings, as well as the rewards.

"Self-publishing is an exciting area filled with challenges, risks but great opportunities," he added.

"Developers can increasingly seize control over their own destiny.

"Self-publishing gives developers more freedom to be creative with content and business models, ultimately driving the industry in the UK forward whilst cementing its reputation for producing innovative products."

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