Distimo partners for Japanese push

Interarrows to sell Distimo data in new market

Distimo partners for Japanese push
App store analytics specialist Distimo has announced a partnership that will see its app store data sold to Japanese mobile businesses through digital marketing firm Interarrows.

Distimo and Interarrows believe that whereas Western companies target global audiences, Japanese mobile businesses have so far tended to only court the domestic market.

Now, as the reach of these Japanese companies expands, Distimo believes its detailed app store data can help them compete in the global market.

Crucial country

Under the terms of the new partnership, Interarrows will sell Distimo's app store data to Japanese mobile businesses ranging from device manufacturers and mobile operators to content providers, app marketing companies, and ad agencies.

"The Japanese market offers a hotbed of developer activity that is increasingly placing its focus on global app distribution," explained Distimo CEO Vincent Hoogsteder. "Our partnership with Interarrows represents an important step for Distimo as we move into the Asian market."

"Japan is a crucial country for mobile app distribution. It is the second largest country globally based on app monetisation from the leading app stores, trailing only the United States, and it is also a top three country when looking at the overall download volume of applications."


Yoji Otokozawa, president and CEO of Interarrows, claims the breadth of the Distimo data will prove very helpful to Japanese companies.

"This empowers our clients to make successful decisions relating to global business expansion," he said.

[source: Distimo (PDF)]

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