Kiip announces the winners of its $100,000 Build Fund for indie developers

20 studios receive funding, services, and mentors

Kiip announces the winners of its $100,000 Build Fund for indie developers
Real world rewards network Kiip has announced the winners of its $100,000 Build Fund.

Each of the 20 winning developers will receive $5,000 from Kiip, as well as a package of free developer services from Urban Airship, StackMob, Localytics, Crittercism, and Amazon Web Services.

The 20 selected studios – which include game and app developers from around the world – will also have access to mentors including IGN president Roy Bahat, and Tapjoy co-founder Lee Linden.

Some of the winning studios include LVL6, a US studio working on a post-apocalyptic MMOG; Mobuku is working on a freemium social monster-rearing title; and LovblGames is a two-person Romanian dev working on an arcade game starring a pterodactyl.

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In a letter addressed to the 20 winners, Kipp CEO Brain Wong said, "The Build Fund was started earlier this year based on our observation that the independent developer phenomenon had grown exponentially without a systematic program to support concepts pre-launch.

"You will be the inaugural 'class', so-to-speak – but as alumni, we’d like to invite you into a truly amazing community of like-minded developers and business leaders that are all here for very similar reasons.

"If we all band together as we ride this mobile wave, I can almost guarantee you that we will all walk away with more than just a few thousand dollars," Wong continued.

"There will be value created in the ecosystem beyond what any of us would have ever imagined in the first place." 

You can find out more about Kiip's model via its website. 

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