Yodo1 raises $2 million seed round to accelerate full service Chinese publishing platform

Robot Entertainment signs up with Hero Academy

Yodo1 raises $2 million seed round to accelerate full service Chinese publishing platform
There are plenty of companies offering western developers a channel into the exploding Chinese market.

To that extent, Yodo1, which was founded in late 2011, is a relatively newcomer.

However, thanks to a £2 million seed round, the Beijing outfit is now looking to make up for lost time.

The money was raised from Chang You Fund.

"Chinese mobile gamers demand great gaming experiences, so if the best from the West can successfully deploy in China, I am certain they will find great ROI. Yodo1 is the perfect partner to do just that," said its partner Zhi Tan.

A new academy

Demonstrating Yodo1's momentum, it's signed a deal with Robot Entertainment to localise and deploy its successful Hero Academy game in China on iOS and Android.

As part of this process, Yodo1 has introduced a new cast of Shaolin monks and flying swordsmen to the strategy game. It's managing the various retail channels, has added monetisation mechanics, and promises to be active in terms of protecting the IP from piracy.

More generally, Yodo1 offers partners its own API platform to enable integration into China's social networks, payment gateways, mobile ad networks and analytics engines.

It also runs its own games review and recommendations website, YoPing.

Thinking local

"Thriving in China's mobile games industry requires local knowledge and experience, and a deep understanding of the Chinese culture and consumer behaviour," said Henry Fong, Yodo1's CEO.

"We think Yodo1 is unique because we don't just promote and publish, but also have a full studio of experienced mobile developers, creative artists and game designers that can quickly adapt Western games to the way that Chinese gamers prefer to play - and more importantly, prefer to pay."

You can find out more from the company's website.
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