Crescent Moon drops iOS-only status with Amazon Appstore move

Aralon: Sword and Shadow out next week

Crescent Moon drops iOS-only status with Amazon Appstore move
In a shift that's says much about how Android is viewed, previously iOS-only publisher Crescent Moon has announced it will finally be bringing its games to the platform.

Well, sort of.

What it's actually doing is bringing some of its games to the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Walled garden

As many companies have been highlighting, while the Google Play part of the Android market is fragmented in terms of devices and OSes, and riven with piracy, Amazon's fork is in some cases monetising better than iOS.

Certainly, for Crescent Moon, which focuses on paid games - hence more likely to be pirated - Amazon seems likely to provide a much more secure and lucrative first move into Android, although the company hasn't ruled out releasing titles on Google Play at some stage.

The first game to be announced is Aralon: Sword and Shadow, which will be priced at $6.99 for tablets and phones and released on Friday 13 July.

Other titles including Paper Monsters and Siegecraft are also inbound, with the porting process helped as Crescent Moon uses Unity as its underlying technology.
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