TinyCo to offer Kindle Fire game developers $2.50 per US install via Chartboost direct deal

User acquisition market hots up

TinyCo to offer Kindle Fire game developers $2.50 per US install via Chartboost direct deal
Demonstrating the emerging power of Kindle Fire as a gaming platform, social mobile publisher TinyCo and monetisation platform Chartboost have combined to offer developers a lucrative deal.

TinyCo is guaranteeing a rate of $2.50 per game install in the US and UK it gains via Chartboost interstitials adverts within Kindle Fire games, and $2 per install in other countries.

Developers who generate more than 20,000 installs will gain additional incentives.

"Chartboost has great distribution power, we're pumped to help more developers increase monetisation through our partnership," said Suli Ali, TinyCo co-founder.

Pay to play

Based on what it calls 'average conversion rates', TinyCo reckons this means developers could generate between $16 - $21 eCPMs, compared to an industry rate more often peaking around $5.

The reason for the shift is that TinyCo is experiencing higher Average Revenue Per User on Kindle Fire than on iPad in its game Tiny Village.

With three more Kindle Fire games ready to be released, it's prepared to invest heavily to get as many of these valuable users as possible.

"Chartboost and TinyCo have seen the enormous potential of Kindle Fire games and hope to incent first-mover advantage with this uniquely attractive deal," said Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre.

"Developers win by getting an early advantage to lock into high rates as they broaden their user base, scalably control the traffic to their game, all while retaining more of the profit through this direct deal."

Kindle Fire developers interested in participating should visit for further details.
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