YouAPPi raises $1 million to kickstart smartAPP recommendation engine

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YouAPPi raises $1 million to kickstart smartAPP recommendation engine
Israeli start up youAPPi has raised $1 million in its seed funding round.

It's building out a cross-platform app recommendation system called smartAPP that will work across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web-enabled devices such as smart TVs and PCs.

Spread your wings

As with many of such systems, it analyses the content users have already downloaded and are engaged with, using this information to deliver targeted ads and drive user acquisition.

YouAPPi says that during a trial on iOS, 30 percent of users downloaded an app recommended by smartAPP.

"Right now, there is no easy and effective solution for app developers to promote their apps and gain loyal users," said Moshe Vaknin, youAPPi's CEO and co-founder.

"Based on feedback from partners and our own internal test, we believe that youAPPi solves the app distribution challenges for all players in the app ecosystem - users, publishers and app developers."

The system is launching on Tappible's mobile monetisation and engagement platform.

You can find out more via the company's website.

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