Apple could wreck Google's Nexus 7 plans with smaller, cheaper, Retina-less iPad

People with 'knowledge of the plans' speak out

Apple could wreck Google's Nexus 7 plans with smaller, cheaper, Retina-less iPad
Online chatter has long pointed to the launch of an 'iPad Mini' – chatter that, to date, has always proved to be fruitless.

The unveiling of Google's Nexus 7, however, may have caused Apple to realise plans for a smaller, cheaper iPad.

Bloomberg reports the company's hand has effectively been forced by Google, with two anonymous sources "with knowledge of the plans" suggesting a 7 to 8-inch Apple tablet will go toe-to-toe with Nexus 7 before the end of 2012.

Price wars

Rather than simply delivering a standard iPad in mini form, the sources claim the new iPad would be designed to take on both Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire in terms of price – a reported lack of a Retina display helping to cut down on costs.

Sterne Agee & Leach analyst Shaw Wu has claimed an iPad Mini with a low RRP would be a "worst nightmare" for Apple's competitors, helping the firm to claw back market share from both Google and Amazon.

The device could also undercut Microsoft's Surface. Though the Redmond giant to name a price for its range of tablets, it's expected even the cheapest Surface SKU will sport a higher RRP than Nexus 7's $199.

A cheaper iPad Mini could, as a result, leave Surface looking isolated at the higher end of the market.

Apple itself has, naturally, declined to comment, though Bloomberg's sources suggest the new iPad could be unveiled as early as October.

[source: Bloomberg]

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Interesting post -- I'm not convinced.
Interesting post -- I'm not convinced.
Keith Andrew

I think the belief is - and I agree with this - is that, whatever your preference in terms of OS, the consumer sees the iOS ecosystem as king.

I don't think iPad Mini would 'steal' Nexus 7 sales at all. People who like Android like Android. But, it would dwarf them, and in the context of the whole mark, would further expand iOS's share.

Taking market share doesn't mean you cause your rival's sales to fall in an expanding market. Just means you're outselling them.
Will Wilson
I think this is based more on the fact that the iPad completely steam-rolled high-end Android tablets on the market.

So on this basis, there's a presumption that, should they aim for the lower-end of the spectrum, they'd also make some serious inroads into Android devices' market share here as well.

Given the strength of the Apple brand, that's not exactly a far-fetched notion, although it's worth noting both that Apple was first to market in the previous example, and that this rumour has popped up every damn year and turned out to be false ;-)
John Higgins
Yep, could wreck Google's plans since apparently everyone who writes for some media site thinks every single person out there wants an Apple device or they have no care what type of operating system their device has.


Obviously a smaller and cheaper ipad will sell well yet to act like the Nexus 7 or any other future Android tablet of similar spec and price will not sell is idiotic.