Itsmy launches cloud-based HTML5 games portal for smart TVs

Game Cloud to take on native platforms

Itsmy launches cloud-based HTML5 games portal for smart TVs
Casual games portal Itsmy has announced the debut of a cloud-based HTML5 gaming service designed for set-top boxes and smart TVs.

Game Cloud is to take on native smart TV platforms - such as Samsung's Gaikai-powered service - with a total of 20 games at launch.

Moving forward, the company also plans to release a distribution API to encourage support from mobile developers before by the end of 2012.

To the cloud

"In contrast to the online streaming services, we have developed our cloud platform in HTML5 which runs perfectly with low and high bandwidth," explained Itsmy CTO Jukka Saarelainen.

"Our server side platform technology enables us to deliver on the fly the best possible HTML5 code to guarantee high-class gaming fun."

Itsmy claims the games in question can be played via the TV's remote control, or using various smartphone apps launched by the TV manufacturers.

Gamers looking to access the platform need to point their TV browser to, with the service automatically recognising the manufacturer, type and version of the set-top box or smart TV to deliver the titles accordingly.

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