Ouya could be a 'rehash of what we've had for last 20 years', warns Mobile Pie's Will Luton

Will appeal to 'existing demographics'

Ouya could be a 'rehash of what we've had for last 20 years', warns Mobile Pie's Will Luton
The forthcoming Android-powered Ouya may look to appeal to a more casual type of gamer, but it's likely only to enjoy success with existing console owners.

That's the take of Mobile Pie's creative director Will Luton, who – speaking as part of the Mobile Gaming Mavens – dismissed the notion that Ouya will flop.

The question, he suggested, isn't whether Ouya will sell, but rather who it will sell to.

Do ya Ouya?

"I think the Ouya will do okay - I think there's a business case for it," said Luton.

"Yet, it is still a console, with a controller like an Xbox or PlayStation that plugs in to a TV. So, it will only ever attract self-identifying 'gamers' - those within the existing demographics.

"I fear Ouya will just rehash what we've had for the last 20 years."

Interestingly, Luton also pointed out that its comparative lack of power when compared to forthcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony means Ouya could come with a "limited shelf life."

Moving on from mobile

"The more exciting thing is when similar tech is de facto part of the TV, with eye tracking, gesture, mobile, touch etc," concluded Luton.

"It'll just be in the homes of everyone and capable of doing games - people will play.

"But unlike mobile we can long-form narrative driven gameplay, which isn't shooting and killing. That will open up a new generations of games."

You can read Luton's views in full as part of the Mobile Gaming Mavens.

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