TinyCo makes a Canadian move; opens Vancouver studio

More northern exposure

TinyCo makes a Canadian move; opens Vancouver studio
Following in the footsteps of GREE and DeNA, US social mobile outfit TinyCo is setting up an office in Vancouver.

The Canadian city has a strong reputation for big console-focused productions from the likes of EA and Rockstar.

But as the industry has switched focus, often scaling back larger offices - Ubisoft shut its studio earlier in 2012 - a vibrant social, mobile and indie scene as arisen.

And it's this that the San Francisco-based publisher is looking to tap into as it competes against the likes of Zynga, Storm8 and Pocket Gems.

In the B.C. to be

"We are thrilled to be bringing TinyCo to Canada. The wealth of top talent and strong community make Vancouver the perfect place for us to continue to grow," said TinyCo's chief people officer Laurie Deneschuk.

"We see a great opportunity to further cultivate our winning culture, infrastructure, and creative there. It was an easy choice already, but it didn't hurt that I originally hail from Saskatchewan."

TinyCo is backed by an $18 million investment led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

You can check out job opportunities here.
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