Elblabs announces the 'world's first sell-side' in-game ad platform

Elblabs announces the 'world's first sell-side' in-game ad platform
There's plenty of news about demand-side advertising platforms, but German start up Elblabs reckons it's come up with something new; the 'world's first sell-side platform'.

The difference of its approach - as encapsulated within its GameAdTrading technology - is that developers and publishers can select the type of advertisers they want, as well as the type of ad units displayed in their games.

Interestingly, Elblabs is highlighting its initial efforts to help developers who are using Unity3D.

The GameAd SDK specifically designed for easy integration into games made with the engine.

As you'd expect, supported platforms are iOS, Android, browser and PC/Mac.

Get those eyeballs

Of course, advertisers also have control over where their campaigns will be shown.

They can select in terms of specific games, certain game genres, or targeting via demographic, geographic and socio-economic attributes.

The usual array of impressions, clicks, leads-based campaigns can be run, with videos units to be added soon.

"Social, online and mobile games are an integral part of daily life for millions of people," said co-founder Sebastian Wendrich.

"We now have an ideal way of reaching this target group, enabling us to open up a new market for in-game advertising."

You can find out more from the GameAdTrading website.
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